Stay In Ohiopyle after 1 year of new management

It was an exciting year of accomplishments and growing. I am happy to report that if it was possible, we made every change that our guests offered as suggestions. We obviously couldn’t move walls or doors, but we did everything humanly possible. The list of improvements is beyond measure and hasn’t stopped yet. There is still a list of them that we will impliment between guests arrivals and after the season ends. The most difficult improvement was getting new sofa beds and couches. The wait time was longer than it should have been, but we succeeded after 7 months of waiting. Everyone knows that months will go by while waiting for furniture these days thanks to the supply chain. I am a little excited when I look at the year and realize, as owner and manager, I did 90% of the improvements myself along with a few YouTube videos. From changing the first door knob (of which was referred to as the hostile takeover in April 2021, LOL) to the 100+ things that came after, I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of work that has been implemented into these 4 units. They have given me bragging rights like a child of mine. The most needed was new furniture and decor. The 5+ van loads of old and dated decor and furniture that was removed from Ohiopyle can only be experienced through seeing it stacked to the heavens in my garage. Yard sale here I come.

I love these cabins and I will admit there are always a few cheerleaders in the background going, “You can do this!” I leave a special thank you to Carol that encouraged, gently guided, yelled from the rooftops about what needed to be done to make them nice. To Kim, for being the best long distance friend, I can’t imagine a day without your advise and Greg, for all the “Ask Greg” questions every time I called. It made electrical, plumbing and construction work a breeze. And, of course, Kevin for stepping in when I needed it most. Karly and Cole this is for you, my one and only… it is all for you.

So back to what makes this whole thing go…
The easiest part is going above and beyond for my guests. The hardest was that d#%$ bathtub with a crack that had to be replaced with a center drain that needed to be moved left. After several minutes with Greg and a game plan the night before was born. I purchased all the needed PVC pipe to only receive a call stating that “After speaking to my plumber friend my suggestion is: hire a plumber.” My response was “okay, yes I’ll do that.” Best decision ever. I was able to remove the tub, fix the hole in the floor and tear out the flooring and plumbing to put in the new. The plumber came in and when he was done, I finished the trim and looked back with a smile.

The easiest thing to do that made the most difference was all new lighting. Inside and outside, from lamps to ceiling and wall lights, every last one made a huge difference.

I am thankful for my guest’s suggestions that helped guide me through this experience.

I am so blessed and can’t wait to see what the future will bring next at “Stay In Ohiopyle”.

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